A native of Changhua, Taiwan, Ping-Chang Shih (施秉昌) finished his Ph.D. at the Laboratory of Computational Computer Vision in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He was supervised by Prof. Anthony Yezzi and Prof. Francesco Fedele. He was awarded “The Excellent Officer” while serving in the Marine Corps (2005), “The Scholarship for Study Abroad” while pursuing his Ph.D. degree (2011), the GTRIC travel grant after presenting his research poster at the Georgia Tech Research and Innovation Conference (2012), the “NSF Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation Conference Graduate Student Fellowship” to attend the conference and present his work (2012), and the “ASME OMAE Outreach Scholarship” to participate in the conference forum (2013). His research focuses on the calibration refinement of a 4-D reconstruction system of ocean surfaces using stereo computer vision principles, variational optimization theory, numerical methods, and high performance computing techniques. In his leisure time, he enjoys science, history, and travel. His wish is to become a novelist.